Find Football Bowling and Family Fun

Discover How To Play Football Bowling In Middletown, NY

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Find Football Bowling and Family Fun

Discover how to play football bowling in Middletown, NY

Try out this fun new game at QB Ball. If this is your first time hearing about football bowling, you’re not alone. You can check out our “How To Play” page to gain a better understanding of the rules. Basically, football bowling is exactly what it sounds like: you’re trying to knock down pins with a football instead of a bowling ball.

Football bowling became popular in Detroit. We’ve brought it to New York so more people can enjoy this exciting new activity. Our bar is the only spot in the area that offers football bowling.

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You can order chips and dip and dig into one of the family friendly games we offer. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy playing games at our bar while enjoying tasty appetizers.

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