Rage Room

Rage Room In Middletown, NY

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Don't Hold Back

You can let loose in our smash room in Middletown, NY

Have you ever just wanted to wreck something of your own? Maybe you thought it would be fun or maybe you were stressed out. QB Ball has a rage room where you can smash things as much as you want for 20 minutes in Middletown, NY. Here is a list of acceptable items to bring to our smash room:

  • Small items: Bottles, records, CD’s, toys, dishes, trinkets, etc.
  • Medium: CPU’s, laptops, keyboards, small monitors, radios, VCRs, chairs, printers, speakers, vases, etc.
  • Large: Tables, desks, dressers, Large TV/monitor, large printer, etc.
  • Unaccepted items: Light bulbs, old CRT TVs/monitors (tube TVs/monitors), refrigerators/freezers, AC units

You are also encouraged to drop off any of your broken/old equipment so we can offer sessions to walk-in customers. The room is open to everyone who is at least 18 years old. You can visit on your own or bring one other person. To find out more about the smash room, like what kinds of things you can break, email our team today.

Get the details about booking the room

Ready to spend some time in the rage room? We’ll pencil in your appointment for smash therapy. You can expect to:

  • 30-minute Rage Session
    Pay $38.95 for one person or $77.90 for two people
  • Up to 2 people in Rage Room at a time
  • Admission includes unlimited football bowling and cornhole

Plus, you can add axe throwing to your plans for $15. Contact our team right away to schedule your time in the smash room.